At Sullivan Brokers, we exist to help our retail producers achieve success with their clients.

We place our retail clients first (we call that “ethics“) and strive to do what is best for the person or entity that pays all of us – the insured.

We do this by being certain we understand the need and the goal of each placement (we call that “listening“) before we seek or propose a potential solution.

Throughout the placement process, and after coverage is bound, we follow up to make sure the need & the goal have been met (we call that “communication“).

From start to finish we make sure we perform our part of the placement and address any item or task that needs attention (we call that “service“).

Although we have many strengths & capabilities, we will not tell you we can do everything (we call that “honesty“) and when we cannot help, we will tell you who you can work with to help your client (we call that “integrity“).