Network Security and Privacy

Network Security and Privacy Liability, otherwise known as cyberliability, cybersecurity, data security or information security is an evolving exposure and everrelevant discussion point for any organization which handles, transmits, stores or processes “personally identifiable information.”

Development of regulations and litigation trends over the past 10+ years has created an environment with strict requirements for an organization’s behavior in the event of a data breach. The potential for financial damages, reputational harm, lost business income and regulatory action is now an everyday risk for most business entities across all industries.

We approach this evolving line of coverage with the same risk assessment, market relationships and form comparisons as our other established niche practices. As a value add, Sullivan Brokers regularly presents a Cyberliability seminar to our retail broker partners (which also may include their clients and prospects).

There are numerous products to address this 1st party and 3rd party financial and reputational exposure, give us the opportunity to build an appropriate and market competitive coverage for you and your client.