Our recent Casualty solutions

The following are examples of risks where Sullivan Brokers was able to offer solutions from several markets to address the unique needs of the insured.

  • Condo / Hotel / Resort Project – WRAP – obtained separate wood and steel construction quotes, allowing insured to choose steel construction and negotiate with their lender for a commercial loan as opposed to a residential loan (lowering their interest rate and insurance costs).
  • Body Armor Manufacturer (bullet proof vests, clothing & blankets with sales to military, law enforcement & security firms) – primary GL / Products & Excess – standard carrier included a “batch clause” – convinced E&S underwriters to quote / bind without a batch clause.
  • General Contractor – Project Specific 3 year term (total renovation of a Time Share) – contract with owner required 10 years extended completed operations & a reinstatement of the general aggregate annually.
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV / drone) Manufacturer – GL with Ground Liability & Aviation Product Liability – Experimental UAV with US Department of Defense contracts.
  • Manufacturer of Bike Motors & Electric Bikes (products made in China) – GL including products – Tough products & loss history (motor sold through “big box” store failed, resulting in death of rider) – able to place on an occurrence form.
  • HOME BUILDER (288 Single Family Homes) – WRAP – severe soils issues. Competitive wholesalers had received numerous declinations and/or quotes with subsidence exclusions. We identified the leading soils engineering (SE) in Texas. The inured agreed to all the recommendations given by the SE and the SE agreed to be on site for all the foundation pours. As a result we were able to get three markets to quote competitively that previously declined for others.
  • LARGE CABINET MANUFACTURER (primarily residential – including installation ‐ mostly in CA, NV and CO). Additional Insured (AI) wording needed for two of their largest clients that included coverage for Products /Completed Operations on the AI wording. We brought the underwriter to meet the insured & inspect the manufacturing facility.